Kiwiana:   Four Square, Chelsea Sugar, Cerebos Salt & Sgt. Dan


                        New Zealand Icons

         Relive the kiwi dream of friendlier, simpler times.

             Bring back happy memories and nostalgia.

Mr Four Square, Chelsea Sugar, Cerebos Salt ad Sergeant Dan logo products are available from this website, selected specialty stores around New Zealand and in some local Four Square retail stores. 


                                                                 How Convenient!

Rural_Rugby_Tea_Towel.jpg         Rural Rugby Tea Towel    SummerTTwl.JPG         Summer Tea Towel

  Classic Tea Towel                         Cerebos_Cushion_Cover.JPGCerebos Cushion Cover  

  Chelsea_Tea_Towel.JPG  Chelsea Sweet Tea Towel                Chelsea_Blue_Kowhai_Tea_Towel.JPGBlue Kowhai  Tea Towel  










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